BJJ Advice: Don’t Try To Learn Everything

BJJ Advice: Don’t Try To Learn Everything

One of the most exciting things about Jiu-Jitsu is that there’s so much to learn! No matter how much you know, there’re always more techniques, more details, more setups to learn and more puzzles to solve…
But this never ending novelty, no matter how exciting, can also turn into something else. Into frustration. Because you come to realize that, no matter how much you try to learn, you’ll never learn everything.

But that’s actually the point. For, if you want to keep enjoying Jiu-Jitsu and not stress out about it, you should leave some stones unturned.
Brian Glick expands more on the topic:

We all have a limited amount of time to train, practice and work to perfect what we’re doing, so no matter how voracious your appetite for new techniques you’ll find that you simply can’t investigate EVERYTHING.

There’s no way to stay on top of every new move that shows up.
If you try, you end up chasing trends on a never-ending hamster wheel. In this way you’ll definitely see a lot – but you’ll understand very little.

He explains that your focus should be elsewhere:

The frenzied search for more can be a distraction, a place to hide from the repetitive slogging that actually yields strong new skills.

Better to pick the right stones and turn them over fully – and if they’re the wrong stones, just leave them unturned.


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