BJJ Advice: Don’t Sacrifice Top Position Willingly

BJJ Advice: Don’t Sacrifice Top Position Willingly

Sure, playing guard is cool and it might be very beneficial for your style and game…
But here’s the thing: you should probably stop willingly sacrificing top position.

John Danaher explains why:

Too often athletes get top position and then throw it away too quickly going for a risky or low percentage move.
There is nothing wrong with taking a calculated risk, but make sure there is a potential reward that makes it worth it.

Sure, sometimes it takes some time to get things to work from the top, but it’s the way it should be:

Remember that top position requires TIME to have an effect.

If you quickly jump off to another move you simply won’t let top pressure work in your favor.
If you do get bucked off if should be because your opponent FORCED you out of top position, not because you jumped off looking for a prize not worth fighting for.

Danaher emphasizes in the end:

Make a habit of not surrendering top position without a fight – soon you will see that the pressure you can generate over time will make your investment worth it as submissions on a weakened opponent are much easier to apply than on a fresh opponent.


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