American Rapper Lupe Fiasco Weighs In on Karate vs BJJ (Which is not a thing & nobody Asked)

American Rapper Lupe Fiasco Weighs In on Karate vs BJJ (Which is not a thing & nobody Asked)

Lupe Fiasco, is an American rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur. He rose to fame in 2006 following the success of his debut album, Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor. It’s unclear just what kind of martial arts background he has but he is *clearly* a fan of karate.

Here’s what he wrote:


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IN RESPONSE TO SOME OF THE COMMENTS IN MY PREVIOUS POST: But but but Lupe…karate ain’t got no ground game and if I catch you by the legs it’s over and a white belt in Jui-Jitsu can beat a black belt in karate anyday! First of all bro you punch a bag all day with gloves on serious Karate-Ka’s punch fucking brick walls barehanded which means if he catches you with a even a jab he’s breaking something. Body hardening is real!!! Dudes out here breaking baseball bats with they shins and kicking steel poles and you talking bout but “if i get him to ground blah blah blah”….STOP IT!!! Second you are not a combat genius because you have figured you can get somebody to the ground if they kick and you catch it, karate ka’s who do combat karate barely kick anywhere above the waste. KARATE has grappling and locks! Don’t let your BJJ instructor (WHO PROBABLY KNOWS KARATE!!!) SEND YOU OFF). Most masters or really serious trainers in Combat Karate (KUNG FU TOO!) SURPRISE!!! THEY DO NOT FIGHT!!! NO EXHIBITION MATCHES, NO TOURNAMENTS NONE OF THAT SHIT! Why??? Because they FIGHT TO THE DEATH or to CRIPPLE SOMEONE FOR LIFE!!! You can’t even throw in most Modern Jiu Jitsu competitions let alone punch or kick…so chill with that. Bottom line it’s down to the fighter not Art they are using. You run up on the wrong fighter I don’t care if they do tai chi get caught slipping and you gonna get your ass beat. Go to Okinawa or into a Kyokushinkai school and start popping off about karate being useless in a fight and watch what happens to you you better be Royce Gracie because you are gonna have a problem. Also i feel that most you BJJ dudes are running off the accolades of your sensei’s and bar fight action stories NOT YOUR OWN EXPERIENCES IN A FIGHT COMPETITION OR OTHERWISE. People in MMA get knocked out by hands and feet and knees everybout doesn’t end in some beautiful submission hold. A solid sleeping left hook or roundhouse to the head is just as effective. Don’t let the katas fool you. Karate lives! Everybody ain’t out here trying to wrestle for 90 minutes. #Oss 🥋

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Oddly enough in subsequent posts rapper had to switch comments off.

In case it’s deleted in the mean time:

The status was first spotted by r/bjj. And perhaps best interpreted with some comments from that thread:

Fiasco even reposted a Bravo segment to corroborate his opinion:

He recently concluded:

Here’s a segment from an interview Fiasco gave sometime in the past regarding his martial arts “expertise” :

What was the most difficult martial arts training you had to endure on Beat N Path?

I went to learn internal martial arts. It’s not really for combat, it’s for health.

There was this one stance I had to get into. From far, it looks like I’m just standing there but there’s these micro adjustments I had to do. My knees are a little bent, my hands pointing out a little bit, and my head has to be aligned to my belly button and my feet. There’s so much attention to details.

And when you’ve got the stance, you have to stay in it, you can’t move. If it was an actual class, you have to stay in the stance for two hours.

Throughout my journey, I did a lot of hardcore combat training but that one stance was like the hardest thing out of everything (I have learned).

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