3 Ways To Get New Students Into Your BJJ Academy

3 Ways To Get New Students Into Your BJJ Academy

If you’re a coach or/and a BJJ academy owner, then getting new students is something you’re constantly worrying about. And no wonder – because that’s where the money for your business comes from!
Here are 3 effective ways to get new students into your BJJ academy, as explained by Nick “Chewy” Albin.



The first thing you need to think about are leads:

You have to have an effective strategy for creating leads. And leads in business simply mean: people that know what your service is and they’ve raised their hand and said: “Hey, I’m interested in what you’ve got going on.” That’s a lead. You’ve got to find an effective way of creating those.

However, creating leads isn’t going to be enough, as you need to convert them into paying members:

Next, you have to find an effective system for converting those leads into members… And there’s a whole process for that, right? Those two things, that’s what you have to focus on to create members.
And again – that can be done a million different ways and you can dive into these two subjects separately.

But here’s the thing… Even if you have a ton of leads and a ton of novice members, but can’t retain any of them – you won’t stay in business for long.
New students are only as valuable as you can retain them:

Now, retention is not “sexy”. People don’t get into this all the time… They focus on “you’re going to sign up an x amount of students” or whatever.
But again, you could fill a bucket up, but if it’s got a big hole in the bottom – you’re not going to hold anything in it, right?

And your gym is the same way; if you don’t focus on creating an amazing gym, an amazing atmosphere, a place where people really want to be… You can sign up all the students you want and it’s going to be for nothing.
So, as you do those first two, you really have to focus on retention.


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