Xande Ribeiro Trains with US Judo Team

Xande Ribeiro Trains with US Judo Team


One of the greatest BJJ competitors of all time, Xande Ribeiro has been sharpening his Judo and also Ground game with the US national Judo team including Travis Stevens, Olympic gold medalist Kayla Harrison and coach Jimmy Pedro, former world Judo champion.

Xande is also a Judo black belt and is know for his superior takedown game which includes a very good Kata Guruma (Fireman’s carry).

Xande talked about the experience on his Instagram:

Another great 3 h training session. Judo in the AM and Jiu Jitsu after. Travis Stevens AKA @judosilencer has an incredible Jiu Jitsu and wished we would see more of him in BJJ competition, too bad Judo Federation forbids him to do it. 2 great Judokas we missed in Jiu Jitsu. @flaviocanto and Travis would be nice to see. Oss

Amazing first Judo session w these amazing athletes. Thank you Sensei @jimmypedrousa for allowing me to share the mats.

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Travis Stevens and Xande Ribeiro


Travis Stevens is a elite level Judoka from United States who competed in the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics. In Judo he has been ranked top 5 in the world and he is considered by many to be the current greatest American male Judo athlete. He has notably beaten Flavio Canto. Travis also holds a BJJ black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under John Danaher which he achieved in 18 Months! He was promoted in 2013. He Held the rank of Brown For a Year and competed at Copa Podio, BJJ expo tournament. White-Blue in weeks. Then blue-purple in a month then purple-brown in a few months!

Travis Stevens is part of the list of Judokas with the best ground game.

Xande Ribeiro is a two-time World (Mundial) Black Belt Absolute (open weight) World Jiu-Jitsu Champion, five-time World (Mundial) Black Belt Heavy Weight Champion, and three-time World Black Belt Pro Division Champion.

Here you can see Xande Ribeiro training with Olympic bronze medalist Flavio Canto, a Judoka notorious for his superior Newaza.


Xande sharpens his Judo at Tenri Judo a couple of weeks before the 2013 World’s