12 Most Exciting Grappling Matches of 2015

12 Most Exciting Grappling Matches of 2015


2015 was a great year for Jiu-Jitsu/grappling and featured some of some of the most exciting clashes in recent history. Check out some of these epic battles (Available for free on video).

Made by our friends at Pasando Guardia


Andre Galvao vs. Erberth Santos.

Erberth Santos reached the black belt level as a young, hungry lion, and came in convincingly beating many black belts and gaining experience in the category. This absolute quarterfinals with Andre Galvao, welcomed him to the Elite level.

Lucio Lagarto vs Igor Silva.

Huge submission!


Dean Lister vs Keenan Cornelius

A great match between the old and new school.

AJ Agazarm vs Oliver Geddes.

A good show of attacks and escapes.


Marcus Buchecha vs Gabriel Checco

Buchecha becomes the face of the new league WJJL of Rigan Machado. In its second edition he decides to compete. One of the competitions of Buchecha competenias in 2015. A lot of action!


Caio Terra vs Bruno Malcafine

Once again in the final of the rooster weight, 2 legends meet: Caio Terra and Bruno Malfacine. Their fights are usually very close, but this time was different.

Alexander Trans vs James Puopolo

Two kneebar master knee bar meet rand the match ends with that very same submission.


Victor Honorio vs Felipe Pena

Victor Honorio Reaches the final of the Copa Podio GP as a brown belt, and meets the amazing Felipe Pena.


Mackenzie Dern vs Gabi Garcia

This was the day that David beat Goliath, as always this was a good fight but the result was different.


Gundrum vs Wilson

Epic match between these 2 teens!

ADCC 2015

Glover vs Martinez

Second time these two grapplers entertaining face to give us the best fight of ADCC 2015.

Garry Tonon vs Dillon Danis

Many wanted to see these 2 meet in a superfight. They represent two rival NYC schools in Renzo Gracie and Marcelo Garcia.

Davi Ramos vs. Lucas Lepri

Probably the best submission of 2015.

Glover vs Hortegas

Playful fighting with lots of action.

WORLD 2015

Rafael Mendes vs Mario Reis

Amazing submission.

Keenan Cornelius vs Leandro Lo

Considered one of the best fights of 2015.

Bia Mesquita vs Angelica Galvao

great back and forth battle.

Leandro Lo vs Bernardo Faria

They meet again and this time Bernardo submits Lo.


Matuda vs Nicolini

Super showdown between two of the best in the world with a tremendous finish.

Comprido Medeiros vs Roger Gracie

Roger returns to competition after that Metamoris fight against Marcus Buchecha. This time against another talented veteran.

Caio Terra vs Milton Bastos

Former training partners face each other in Berkut.

AJ Agazarm vs. Daniel Strauss

Fun and intense match between these two.