GFTeam Beast Ricardo Evangelista On His European Tour & Upcoming Competitions


Ricardo Evangelista is a top Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under master Julio Cesar from the Grappling Fight Team (GFT) and one of the best super heavyweights in BJJ having won several important tournaments at the top level such as the Brazilian Nationals and the Rio Open. He is currently in Europe training and competing. He sat down with BJJ Eastern Europe to tell us more about his Euro trip and upcomming competition the European No Gi and Rome Open:

1. Hi Ricardo, can you please introduce yourself to the BJJ Community of Eastern Europe? 

Hi my name is Ricardo Evangelista, also known as “Jegue” (which means Horse in regards of power and strength). I´m from Rio de Janeiro, North Zone, and I´m 27. I´m a Black Belt representing GFTeam, training at HQ and teaching in my affiliate in Rio. My main titles in Bjj are World Champion (blue belt), silver at Worlds (purple belt), bronze at World Pro, bronze at Pan Ams, Rio Open Champion, Brazilian Nationals Champion, World Cup Champion, Mercosul Cup Champion, Naga Champion, Rio International Qualifier Champion, Brazilian Nationals Team Champion (all in black belt), among many others.

Ricardo Evangelista Boston

2. Please tell us about your Jiu-Jitsu story

I started training when I was 15 encouraged by friends, with Master Alexandre Barauna one of the leaders at Gama Filho back then who I´m very honored and thankful to be taught by him. I had my first competition in 2001 after 2 months of training I won my first tournament and since then I never stopped. I enjoy everything in the gentle art, training, teaching, competing, living this passion full time in my life. I owed everything I have achieved to Bjj. I teach since 2005 and I have graduated in Physical Education through a scholarship thanks to Bjj also. Currently I split my time teaching classes at school and gym, training hard and competing in a high level which is very hard, but I´m glad I have health to be able to make all of that.

3. Please tell us about your performance at the Worlds. Where you satisfied with your performance?

Unfortunately, once again I stopped at the quarter-finals in my weigh class and open class, like it was last year. I started the competition very well, submitting my opponents in the absolute division, but with my distraction and with the superiority of Buchecha, he beats me, but yeah, head up. In the weigh class I was exhausted from the absolute and I stopped on the quarter finals again, my opponent managed to sweep me with 2 minutes left and I got 7 advantages with the guard passes attempt and still managed to pass but I didn´t have time to stabilize as the time was over. I will come back next year stronger than ever to fight for the gold on my weigh class and absolute.

4. You’re currently training and competing in Europe with Gabriel Rainho. Please tell us about your time spent here.

So, this month was supposed to be rest time after the Worlds, but I came to Europe for a Seminar Season at all the GFTeam affiliates over here (London, Paris and Germany) as well as competing. I won the Bjj Pro Cup in London which gave me a cash prize, and now I´m finishing my preparation for the IBJJF Rome Open and No Gi Euros this weekend. Biel is “suffering” a little bit with my body weight..lol. He´s a great brother and also he is helping me a lot together with all the GFTeam Germany and Patrick Talmon. This weekend is War Time!!


5. What is next for you in 2013?

After the competitions I will come back home, see how are my “kids”, as I teach in 2 differents school and 2 different gyms. Then in the second semester I will be competing the Rio Open, and there is a possibility to participate in a superfight against Tiago Gaia from Nova Uniao. I´m also planning to compete the Brazilian Nationals Team, to defend the title together with my teammates. I also hope to be invited to compete at the ADCC which is one of my dream. Who knows after the No Gi Euros, depending on my performance. So, fingers crossed.

6. How would you describe your BJJ game? What are positions that you like to work from?

Well, for long time I play closed guard, but everyone knows my game. Nowadays, I´m felling comfortable and strong playing top game as well. So, in the end of the day we do what we can do lol Whatever happens we are ready for it.

7. If you want to thank somebody or sponsors, feel free

Yes, I´d like to thank my future wife Mayara who is always by my side, my parents who support me a lot in everything, my sponsors Santana Supplements, Legiao Thai, Keiko Raca, Battle Gear, Kamikaze, Fancaire, Suderj, my strength conditioning trainer Darlan Santos, my nutritionist Livia Pierone, my Master Julio Cesar, all my training partners from GFTeam and finally everybody from BJJEE for this opportunity. Anybody who wants to contact me for Seminars or anything related with BJJ my email is evangelistajj@hotmail.com and my facebook Fan Page is Ricardo Evangelista. Many thanks