From Russia With Chokes: The D’Alessandro Bros From BTT Russia


Maximillion and Dillon D’Alessandro are two purple belts that have moved to Russia to teach BJJ at BTT Russia-Ludus Team. In this interview with BJJ Eastern Europe they talk about their experience in Russia, their BJJ journey and the special bond of having a BJJ twin brother:

1. Hi Guys, can you please introduce yourselves to the BJJ Community of Eastern Europe?

We’re twin brothers both purple belts Maximillion D’Alessandro and Dillon D’Alessandro. We began training in early 2008 in Montreal, Canada under Prof. Fabio Holanda at the BTT Canada Headquarters. Now we are a part of BTT Russia – Team Ludus under Prof. Alexander De Freitas Faria.

2. Please tell us about your Jiu-Jitsu story

In 2008 we began training BJJ, being hesitant to start training earlier we were both more interested in getting drunk, girls and boxing. All mixed perfectly together.
During our white belt time most of it was a blur, I think we both erased that time period from our minds. Getting the blue belt was probably the time where we started training more seriously. Competitions were not so frequent; it was a mix of laziness and the fact that we both worked weekends in nightclubs, not being so keen paying to compete and getting a beating because of getting back home at 8am from work. Our whole week was concentrated on training while supporting ourselves with weekend work. Lots of up an coming top competitors have financial support from family members which allows them to train full time …… or …..Gambling maybe. The more we trained seriously the more we wanted to do this at 100% sitting behind a desk 9-5 or working for some business pimp wasn’t in our agendas. The only other option was coaching, which is when we sought out other options.

D'Alessandro bros with Fedor and Deda Faria

D’Alessandro bros with Fedor and Deda Faria

3. Please tell us about your time spent in Russia teaching as well as travelling. What attracted you to Russia?

In April of 2013 we contacted “Alexander De Freitas Faria” (Deda) who began BTT Russia in Moscow. We were invited to visit and train, eventually offering us a coaching position. The training in Russia is very different than most countries mainly due to the guys/girls training all come from Wrestling, Judo and Sambo backgrounds. Naturally they are already very much disciplined. The training is tough despite not having a particularly high level at the moment. This is a blessing and a curse. I think the potential in Russia is endless, which is why we are so attracted to developing BJJ in Russia. Russia is a country with over 200 million people and lagging behind countries like Poland, Finland and Germany. Many Russians are unconsciously hesitant to adopt something different. Lots of guys training tend to rely on their strong Judo or Wrestling backgrounds and forget its BJJ not a double leg takedown festival. Being a foreigner in Russia also poses a problem. Russia needs a lot of international coaches to help push the sport were Abu Dhabi has taken it. With resident visas being extremely difficult to obtain this is a huge factor. At the moment we are outside of Russia resolving this issue with the help of friends and also travelling. Besides BJJ we have visited over 40 countries and have seen other places like Georgia, Armenia, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania which can really be potential hot spots for the development of BJJ. The most exciting part about training and coaching in Russia is the fact of being the first. Like the Gracie’s who came to the US, somebody has to do it. Deda has been doing a fantastic job in Russia and this is important for the development of the sport.

4. Please tell us about your academy in Canada? 

BTT Canada will always be our first home, the training there is extremely high and competitive, the way the classes are structured are different than most academies we’ve trained at, in turn producing great results at tournaments, World champions, Abu Dhabi World Pro champions etc etc. Our Professor in Canada “Fabio Holanda” is an absolute wizard when it comes to Jiu Jitsu. He’s always been very hard on us as well as the other guys, pretty much a no bullshit approach. If you make a mistake you will know about it, and everyone in the class will defiantly know about it haha. NO BERIMBOLO ALLOWED! His wife “Juliana Nogueria” is also a BJJ black belt and probably our best training partner. It’s an absolute blessing to be a part of the best team in Canada. Also we have guys “around” our weight in Canada (Rooster / Light feather) hahaha! In Russia everyone is a monster!

5. Please tell us about the special bond of being twin brothers both with a burning passion for Jiu-Jitsu

First off we look the same and equally enjoy pissing people off haha! For starters it’s something most people won’t understand. It’s in another realm of brotherhood.
Imagine competing or training with someone who is identical in weight and style. It’s impossible to remember when one of us tapped each other out, and as everyone knows fights amongst siblings are always the worst. When we roll together it’s always the final of ADCC also known as ACAI STYLE! Not only is it simpler to coach but it’s a bonus for the students. Would you rather attend class with one Buchecha or two? Explaining the techniques, demonstrating and keeping an eye on the students come much easier. All in all it’s been only a plus in our development. We always have each other’s backs and there is never a day when we don’t train together. It becomes awkward without one of us in the gym. A Word of advice find a twin off eBay and buy now!

6. What is next for you two in 2013?

Competing is on the agenda for sure. Being in Moscow makes it so much easier to compete in different countries. Living in Canada couldn’t offer that luxury. Also our main focus is coaching and to help develop the sport in Russia. Being a part of this has been a dream come true. Hopefully we can resolve these never ending visa Issues ASAP and get back to preaching the word of BJJ!

7. If you want to thank somebody or sponsors, feel free

We would like to thank Joe Pesci for being awesome. Fightwear.ru (The best of the best when it comes to BJJ/MMA gear in Russia) Our team back in Canada BTT Canada and our new home here in Russia BTT Russia – Team Ludus. OOOOOOSSSSSS!
P.S Miyao bro’s watch out!