Dillon Danis Wants Sage Northcutt For MMA Debut: ‘Would Be Easy Fight’

Dillon Danis Wants Sage Northcutt For MMA Debut: ‘Would Be Easy Fight’

It has been an exciting year for Dillon Danis. Following a coaching stint with UFC’s Notorious McGregor, Danis conquered the double gold at 2016 IBJJF No-Gi Pans with several submissions.

After a somewhat underwhelming Copa Podio he’s back to his best.  In October Dillon Danis he fought in Polaris 4 against Jackson Sousa and won by heel hook!

Danis told Ariel Helwani on a recent episode of The MMA Hour that he has been offered to make his MMA debut as early as the beginning of next year at Cage Fury Fighting Championship, but is still unsure.

He believes he’s ready to fight in the UFC right now and he’d like to face rising star Sage Northcutt.

Danis stated:

“That would be an easy fight. Just to get in there. That would be a good, easy one to just get out of the way. Beat someone that has a decent name.”

“I honestly think I can go my first fight in the UFC, and I think I would dominate. I say that 100 percent being fact. I’m not a stupid person and I know what I’m capable of. I know who I’ve trained with, and I know what I’ve seen.”

 Northcutt recently lost to Mickey Gall and is 3-2 since entering the UFC earlier this year. He is 10-2 in MMA.
Dillon Danis is 22 year old black belt from New Jersey. He was given his black belt by Marcelo Garcia who he trains under in Manhattan, New York. He has earned his reputation to a series of incredible wins at brown belt level through some of the hardest competitions around.

Now it seems that Danis is calling out all UFC fighters. He wore a UFC shirt, and tagged Dana White:

I would play with any one of them. @danawhite#manswork

Let’s see if Dana White pays attention to the young grapplers’ wish to fight in the premiere MMA organisation in the world.

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I would play with any one of them. @danawhite #manswork

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