London Open: Mathias Ribeiro wins absolute; Langhi takes gold at middleweight

Source: Gracie Mag

The Crystal Palace National Sports Centre was the venue for IBJJF-sanctioned event in the English capital this Saturday. The big standout at the London Open was Brazil’s Mathias Ribeiro, who won the adult black belt absolute.

Mathias took bronze in the middleweight division earlier but redeemed himself with gold at open weight. His opponent in the final was Dimitri Souza of Alliance, who won the heavyweight division after beating Frontline Academy’s Renato Tavares.

Another big name from the London event was Alliance ace Michael Langhi. The two-time (2009-10) lightweight world champion took gold at middleweight after beating Pedro Bessa of Nine Nine JJ in the final.

Now Igor Silva of GFTeam won the ultraheavyweight dvision

BLACK – Adult – Male

FIRST Maxmiliano Oliveira Campos – CheckMat
SECOND Gabriel Marangoni de Oliveira – CheckMat
THIRD Iury Martins Curpentino – Gracie Humaita International
THIRD Jordy A. Jean Antoon Peute – Gracie Barra


FIRST Gabriel Rainho Fontes – GF Team
SECOND Theodoro Gabriel Canal Almeida – GF Team
THIRD Maxime Silvére Olivier – CheckMat
THIRD Oliver Leys Geddes – Roger Gracie Academy


FIRST Michael Alexandre Langhi – Alliance SP
SECOND Pedro Henrique Weiss Bessa – 99 Nine Nine JJ – International
THIRD Mathias Fernandes Ribeiro – Mathias Ribeiro Team
THIRD Daniel Riou Vilhena de Mendonça – United BJJ


FIRST Lucio Sergio dos Santos – Gracie Barra
SECOND Maximiliano de Figueredo Carvalho – Gracie Barra
THIRD Eliezer David Raab Skaf – Cia Paulista
THIRD Roy Pariente – Kitober BJJ


FIRST Dimitrius Soares Souza – Alliance SP
SECOND Renato Tavares de Moraes – Frontline Academy
THIRD Marcelo da Silva Bernardo – United BJJ
THIRD Alfredo Merelo Aguilera – Brasa


FIRST Igor Silva – GF Team
SECOND Alan Vitor Oliveira Ferreira – De La Riva International
THIRD John Michael C Dequick – Malicia Team

Open Class

FIRST Mathias Fernandes Ribeiro – Mathias Ribeiro Team
SECOND Dimitrius Soares Souza – Alliance SP
THIRD Oliver Leys Geddes – Roger Gracie Academy
THIRD Michael Alexandre Langhi – Alliance SP

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