[WATCH] Jiu-Jitsu Trained Chaplain Helps Police Officer Detain A Suspect

[WATCH] Jiu-Jitsu Trained Chaplain Helps Police Officer Detain A Suspect

In a display of bravery and skill, Chaplain Scott Wilkos – who is also trained in Jiu-Jitsu – played a crucial role in assisting Durham Police Officer J.T. Rose during a dangerous confrontation with a suspect.

Officer Rose and Chaplain Wilkos were in pursuit of a vehicle speeding over 100 miles per hour. The chase ended with the suspect’s vehicle crashing.
As Officer Rose approached the vehicle and instructed the suspect, identified as 35-year-old Demario Holman, to get on the ground, Holman resisted, attempting to flee.

The situation escalated quickly, with Holman reportedly wrapping an arm around Officer Rose’s throat and reaching for his service weapon.
It was at this critical moment that Chaplain Wilkos intervened.

The footage shows Wilkos wrestling Holman to the ground, helping to subdue him until additional officers arrived to take him into custody:

Both Officer Rose and Chaplain Wilkos sustained injuries during the incident.
Rose suffered what appears to be a knee injury, while Wilkos was bleeding from his hand after being allegedly bitten by Holman.

Chaplain Wilkos, whose social media profiles highlight his extensive background in Jiu-Jitsu, mentioned that his participation in the ride-along was voluntary and occurred on his day off.
As for Holman, he faces multiple charges, including assault on an officer, assault with strangulation, and assault inflicting serious injury.