[WATCH] Israel Adesanya Gets In Rolling Rounds With Craig Jones

[WATCH] Israel Adesanya Gets In Rolling Rounds With Craig Jones

It’s always great to see MMA athletes expose themselves to the facets of their skills in which they’re not the best… Or at least for which they’re not that well known for.
For example, Israel Adesanya isn’t well known for his grappling skills – but he appears to be working tirelessly on them.

A recent video shows Adesanya training with Craig Jones.
It’s a fun one… With Jones claiming:

My goal isn’t to be best but to sell the most instructionals.

Watch it below!

And wouldn’t it be cool if Adesanya competed in an actual BJJ tournament?
Well, he might be open to an idea! Here’s what he said about the topic:

I’ll do it, but like, I’ll do it with the right person.
Not to try and win but it’s more to try and, like, to create a show – but also to generate a buzz.

Because, yeah, I might end up being a notch on someone’s belt.
But at the same time, it’s not about that, it’s more about just creating a moment.

He is a purple belt and, like so many other grapplers, fell in love with the Gentle Art through Joe Rogan:

My way was just through Joe Rogan for Jiu-Jitsu and then I fell in love with grappling.

I just felt a natural adaptability with grappling. I just knew.
I knew I was good at it and I was able to just grasp things very quickly and apply them.

Also, the long limbs helped, but also they make you prone to a lot of submissions if you don’t know how to deal with them.