UFC Fight Pass Invitational 5 Results: Meregali & Rodriguez Steal The Show

UFC Fight Pass Invitational 5 Results: Meregali & Rodriguez Steal The Show

The UFC Fight Pass Invitational 5 event, held on December 11th, turned out to be an evening of exciting Jiu-Jitsu matches…
Here are the full results!



The main event spotlight was on Nicholas Meregali, who delivered a remarkable performance against Felipe Pena.

Meregali’s strategy was evident from the outset, as he swiftly brought Pena to the ground.
Despite Pena’s attempt to stabilize the situation with a 50/50 guard, Meregali’s relentless hand-fighting paid off in the end.

He managed to take Pena’s back and locked a Rear Naked Choke – securing a submission victory.



In the co-main event, the audience was treated to an impressive display by Nick Rodriguez against Yuri Simoes.
Rodriguez, known for his formidable Body Lock technique, used it to his advantage and controlled the fight from start to finish.

He even called out Gordon Ryan for a $50,000 bout at the end of the match.


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Other matches were outstanding as well. Mason Fowler faced Haisam Rida, winning the match via with a Kimura submission.
Victor Hugo, in a rematch against Daniel Manasoiu, emerged victorious with a submission via Americana Lock.

Jonnatas Gracie and Nicky Ryan engaged in a highly technical and intense match, with Gracie securing the win in overtime.
Also, Vagner Rocha defeated Victor Silverio with a Rear Naked Choke in overtime as well.

In the women’s division, Elisabeth Clay continued her unbeaten streak, defeating Luiza Monteiro with an Inside Heel Hook.
UFC veteran Hannah Goldy showcased her skills by quickly subduing Amanda Mazza – with an Armbar from Closed Guard.

Achilles Rocha outscored Andy Varela, adding another win to the record.



  • Nicholas Meregali defeats Felipe Pena by submission (Rear Naked Choke)
  • Nick Rodriguez defeats Yuri Simoes by points
  • Mason Fowler defeats Haisam Rida by submission (Kimura)
  • Victor Hugo defeats Daniel Manasoiu by submission (Americana Lock)
  • Jonnatas Gracie defeats Nicky Ryan by points
  • Vagner Rocha defeats Victor Silverio by submission (Rear Naked Choke)
  • Aaron Wilson defeats Cristian Guzman by submission (Armbar)
  • Hannah Goldy defeats Amanda Mazza by submission (Armbar)
  • Achilles Rocha defeats Andy Varela by points