Seth Rollins Says UFC Fighters Don’t Have The Stamina For WWE

Seth Rollins Says UFC Fighters Don’t Have The Stamina For WWE

The transition from the UFC’s octagon to WWE’s squared circle is not as seamless as one might think, according to WWE champion Seth Rollins.

Rollins, in a recent conversation with ESPN, expressed his admiration for UFC fighters – but he also expressed his skepticism about their ability to adapt to the demands of WWE.
He highlighted Ronda Rousey as an example:

I don’t want to knock Ronda Rousey because I love Ronda.

She did a lot for our industry, for women in our industry and the fight industry in general, but it was tough for Ronda.
She tried her damnedest and it was hard for her.

The WWE champion further elaborated on the stamina required for WWE:

They don’t have the stamina for it. They don’t fight every single weekend.

This championship goes everywhere.
It goes everywhere.

And especially the top stars over there, they’re catered to a certain way, and that’s great.
That’s their style. That’s what works for them.

You fight maybe once, twice a year. You’re crazy, you’re fighting three times a year.
But to fight over 100 times a year, make all those towns, still be able to train, still be able to do all the media, it’s an exhausting industry.


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