Ralek Gracie Teases Metamoris’ Comeback: “It Will Happen”

Ralek Gracie Teases Metamoris’ Comeback: “It Will Happen”

Ralek Gracie has recently announced his latest entrepreneurial endeavor, GENZAI, a platform dedicated to premium martial arts films…

This announcement, made via an email to his mailing list – and as originally reported by Jits. Magazine – also hinted at the potential revival of Metamoris, a once-dominant force in professional grappling.

Ralek expressed his intentions clearly when it comes to the potential revival of Metamoris:

My intention is to reconcile with all competitors and partners and bring back Metamoris sooner than later.
I believe it will happen when the time is right, especially with your support.

Metamoris, known for its groundbreaking events and historic moments like Josh Barnett’s victory over Dean Lister at Metamoris 4, played a pivotal role in elevating professional grappling.
The promotion not only brought together legendary figures like Renzo Gracie and Kazushi Sakuraba but also significantly contributed to the growth of the grappling world.

However, Metamoris faced a downfall in 2017 amid financial struggles and allegations of non-payment to competitors.
Ralek Gracie acknowledges these past challenges but remains optimistic about Metamoris’ future, especially through the potential synergy with GENZAI.

In short, he believes that GENZAI could offer Metamoris a path to redemption and a sustainable business model – ensuring its place in the world of professional grappling.