Olympic Judo Champion Stripped Of Gold For Doping

Olympic Judo Champion Stripped Of Gold For Doping

2016 Olympic Judo champion Rafaela Silva made the news recently for the wrong reasons when she was stripped of her gold medal, after having tested positive for PEDs during the Pan American Games.

Silva had won gold in the -57kg weight class during the Pan Ams held in Lima, Peru. Silva has the possibility to appeal the decision to attempt to retain her medal.

Silva tested positive for Fenoterol, a drug which used to treat asthma. Football legend Diego Maradona famously tested positive for Fenoterol at the FIFA world cup in 1994. Silva claims that Fenoterol was in her system due to her contact with an infant old child that is asthmatic.

Silva and six other athletes all failed the in-competition PED test.

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