Nicholas Meregali Says He Likes To Make His Opponents “Suffer”

Nicholas Meregali Says He Likes To Make His Opponents “Suffer”

When you train and compete, what’s your approach like towards your training partners and opponents?
Do you want to get the win and get it over with… Or do you take special pride and pleasure in making them suffer?

Well, for Nicholas Meregali it seems to be more of the latter than the former.
At least when it comes to competition.

Known for his often unfiltered opinions and comments, Meregali – one of the best BJJ athletes in history – recently shared his thoughts on the topic:

When I’m fighting, I’m never satisfied with just victory, what brings me the most pleasure is to feel my opponents suffering, I like feeling their souls moving away from their bodies, and eventually watching them give up the fight.

He continues to explain that this has always been the case for him:

I’ve always been like this and nowadays having the option of making them feel this intensity of living is one of the things that drives me to continue progressing in Jiu-Jitsu.

Completely controlling another grown man with your bare hands is a great and satisfying feeling.


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