Nicholas Meregali Lived In A BJJ Academy For 5 Years: “No Structure, No Privacy”

Nicholas Meregali Lived In A BJJ Academy For 5 Years: “No Structure, No Privacy”

If you want to succeed at something, you’ll often have to give it your all. And that means not just what you’re used to giving – but even more than that.
You’ll do whatever it takes. Because if you don’t, someone else might win.

This is the wisdom that Nicholas Meregali seems to have possessed way back in the day already, when he was coming up through the ranks.
He pushed himself as much as he needed to. Even sleeping in a BJJ academy for a period of 5 years.

Meregali thought back about that period in his life in a recent social media post:

I lived in a jiu jitsu academy for exactly 5 years from September 2013 to September 2018.
Living there was a hostile experience, with no structure and no privacy, everything was very precarious and adapted.

It all started with a decision to live from Jiu-Jitsu:

When I decided to live from Jiu Jitsu, moving to a big city like Porto Alegre was not an option, but this opportunity to live at the gym was what brought my dream to life.
Mario invited me discreetly and I accepted.

Soon after I moved there, 4 other locals arrived, who over time became my best friends.

Meregali emphasized the need for “doing what needs to be done”:

I never victimized or told sad stories of overcoming by going through necessities living my life choice.
When we want to build something great, we most face trials and difficulties, for they will be there to separate the great winners from the rest.

If today I’m special, if today I feel like a God, certainly a big part is due to the fact that I lived at the Mario Reis Jiu Jitsu Academy, 1228 Benjamin Constant Avenue.


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