Mikey Musumeci To Represent Cobrinha BJJ Team

Mikey Musumeci To Represent Cobrinha BJJ Team

Mikey Musumeci has just announced that he will represent a new team…
The Cobrinha BJJ one – as he will be under professor Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles!

Musumeci has represented various teams in the past, Atos, Caio Terra, Pedigo….

Musumeci shared the news via social media:

I grew up studying online and learning so many years from Cobrinha, by far the most knowledgeable person I have had the opportunity to train and learn under!!
But also the most passionate!! We both love jiu jitsu!!!

Mikey is extremely excited about training under Cobrinha, as he always wanted and needed to fulfill his own potential:

What I have feared the most in my life is not reaching the potential I have with this gift, running away from what we are passionate about.

A lot of my career in jiu jitsu I was always my own coach having to figure everything out training, positions; etc on my own.
I have been training 23 years and I never had someone invest their time and energy the way Cobrinha has.

We just rolled 4 hours straight, constantly adjusting and fixing mistakes and adding new things into my game.
I have improved already insane amounts from Cobrinha helping me.


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