Khabib “Not Sure” If He’d Let Go Of Choke vs McGregor If Referee Didn’t Stop The Fight

Khabib “Not Sure” If He’d Let Go Of Choke vs McGregor If Referee Didn’t Stop The Fight

The intense rivalry between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor remains one of the UFC‘s most intense matches, despite the two fighters only facing each other once inside the octagon.

Half a year after winning the lightweight championship at UFC 223, Nurmagomedov encountered McGregor in a fight that skyrocketed to become the highest-selling pay-per-view event in UFC’s history, a title it retains to this day.
Throughout the fight, Nurmagomedov showcased his renowned Dagestani grappling skills, ultimately securing a victory over McGregor in the fourth round with a Rear Naked Choke.

Reflecting on their heated rivalry and his win over McGregor at UFC 229, Nurmagomedov shared a revealing insight…
Suggesting that had circumstances been different, he might not have released the choke.

He spoke about it during an interview with Red Corner MMA:

Would I have let go? No, I wouldn’t have.

It’s that moment when your emotional state reaches its peak. He and I understood the stakes.
This isn’t a random street encounter. He’s one of the world’s elite fighters.

We had half a year to prepare, stepping into the ring to determine the superior fighter.
Would I end his life? I doubt it, but making him pass out was a definite possibility.

Controlling my emotions is uncertain.
Exactly how long I’d have kept the choke is an intriguing question, one without a clear answer.


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