“Is This Beef Or Just Business?” – Henry Cejudo Calls On Daniel Cormier & Jon Jones To Make Amends

“Is This Beef Or Just Business?” – Henry Cejudo Calls On Daniel Cormier & Jon Jones To Make Amends

The beef between MMA legends Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones has been a long-standing one…
And at this point, it’s unclear if it’s a “real” beef, just business, or if it’s all winding down.

Henry Cejudo has had many opportunities to train with both men.
And he’s calling on them to make amends – just like he’s done with Demetrious “The Mighty Mouse” Johnson:

Have you guys not learned from Demetrious Johnson and the Triple C? [Two] guys who have fought a couple of times?
Guys who are able to let ego aside and literally come together and learn from each other.

In the beginning, Jones and Cormier complimented each other.
You know what – they’re both good dudes, they’re both very passionate, competitive dudes that need to come together and just make amends.

But is that at all possible? Well, Cejudo believes that it most certainly is.
Because, if the boxers Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales managed to overcome their infamous rivalry, then Cormier and Jones could do the same as well:

Have we not learned from Marco Antonio Barrera – that’s another one – and Erik Morales.

[They were] the biggest rivals that you will ever see in Mexican boxing. These dudes absolutely hated each other.
And then, what’s crazy [is], about a year ago I remember spotting them in Las Vegas, man.

They were drinking beers with their families, laughing. And I’m, like: ‘That’s what the spirit of competition [is]. That’s what the spirit of you sharing the ring, the octagon is.”

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