IBJJF Pan PLAY BY PLAY and Results, Saturday March 23rd


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12:00 Ok guys we are live  from Irvine California! At the moment it’s mostly brown and black belt belt senior. The black belt adult open class will start in 10 mins so we will start with a full play by play as soon as it starts. From what I hear the absolute is absolutely STACKED.

12:13 Leandro Is the first match of the absolute. He is facing a checkmat opponent Bernardo Filho. His guard is looking as slick as ever. He catches Filho with crosschoke. That was quick. The winner of this match will face the winner of James Puopulo (Lovato’s student) vs Big Orlando Sanchez (Gracie Barra). Sanchez is a Beast!

12:30 Tanner Rice (Alliance) is now up in his first match against Gustavo Elias of Gracie Humaita. Gustavo is much bigger and recently won the San Francisco Open where he submitted Caio Terra. It’s a sweep battle between the two. On Mat 4, is the return of a much slimmer Gabriel Vella vs Matt Jubera of Ribeiro BJJ. Wow Tanner takes it against a tough opponent by ref decision. Gabriel Vella advances….Orlando Sanchez vs James Poupolo. James pulls guard. Orlando is up by 3 advantages. Orlando is so big and strong its ridiculous. Orlando goes through.

12:38. Now it’s Sean Roberts (Ralph Gracie)  first match at black belt vs Max Freitas! Sean is famous for his triangles and calf slicers. Sean gets sweeped and is down 2-0 but he seems relaxed and is menacing with triangle attacks. Sean sweeps and it’s all tied up and Sean has an advantage so is leading.  Clark Gracie wins his first match by omoplata in 2mins! Sean Roberts gets swept and is down by 2. Sean gets taken down in the last 5 seconds and loses by 2. Max Freitas to face Andre Galvao next….Dj Jackson is through on points vs Felipe Mattos. Weird thing is that he didn’t do the Lloyd Irvin sign when he won…He will face the bigger Gabriel Vella next…Buchecxha is through by loopchoke….Bernardo is also through…Mackenzie Dern beats the much bigger Talita Nogueira. Big win for Mackenzie…Guto wins his first match 12-0.

1pm: Leandro Lo is up in his first match and he is up 2-0  against Alessandro Silva. Leo mounts and is smashing. Leo wins by choke…Andre Galvao up angainst Max Freitas, Galvao sweeps, passes, and chokes from half guard. Easy win by Galvao…Buchecha against Marcelo Goulart. Buchecha takes him down and is now in half guard…Nivaldo back chokes Roberto Cyborg. Big upset…Dj Jackson against the much bigger Gabriel Vella now, Dj Jackson wins on points…Orlando Sanchez now vs Leandro Lo, big weight difference. Lo is working hard to sweep and non stop attacking but Sanchez has good base, its 0-0 still, Orlando takes it by ref decision and eliminates Leandro Lo!

Clark Gracie now vs Leo Nogueira, Leo Is dominating and is up 6-0, Clark had Leo in a deep omoplata but time ran out, Leo on points…Guto Campos is leading 2-0 against Tiago Giussani, Guto goes through 2-0…Mackenzie Dern vs Gabi Garcia! Hug size difference, Gabi smashes her and submits…Tanner Rice vs Andre Galvao now, Andre pulls guard and sweeps, passes guard, now mounts. Textbook choke from the back by Galvao…Buchecha vs Guto Campos (Atos), Buchecha took him down and passed his guard really easily, tehn mounts him. back in half guard, domination by Buchecha and he wins on points…Orlando Sanchez vs Galvao, this will be interesting, Galvao pulls guard, omoplata but Orlando just shrugs it off, Andre had a few attacks and wins by ref decision….Leo Nogueira vs Nivaldo Oliveira now, Nivaldo up 2-0, and wins. Big win for Nivaldo.

2:09pm: DJ Jackson vs Bernardo Faria now. Bernardo working his deep half, bernardo sweeps and takes Dj’s guard. Dj escapes and ends up in top half guard. Bernardo wins 12-0. Complete domination.

So the semis are:  Buchecha vs Faria & Nivaldo Oliveira vs Andre Galvao. 

First Semi: Galvao vs Nivaldo, Galvao underneath in halfguard, makes a beautiful sweep. Nivaldo working hard from bottom half guard, he sweeps but Galvao recovers so its just an advantage. Galvao takes it.

Second Semi: Marcus Buchecha vs Bernardo Faria. Buchecha comes out guns blazing and takes Bernardo down with famous diving double leg. Bernardo now in deep half guard. Buchecha does a really explosive guard pass but is put back in half guard. Bernardo sweeps and score is now tied at 2-2. Beautiful sweep from Buchecha up 4-2. Buchecha passes the guard. 7-2. Buchecha playing around, great movement around Bernardo.

Buchecha will face Andre Galvao tomorrow in the absolute final.

Black belt female adult open class final will be tomorrow with Gabi Garcia defending her title against Beatriz Mesquita.