Felipe Pena On Making The Transition To MMA: “It’s Now Or Never”

Felipe Pena On Making The Transition To MMA: “It’s Now Or Never”

Felipe Pena wants to start fighting in the MMA octagon as soon as possible… And he feels that it’s a matter of “now or never”.

Speaking on the recent “Trocação Franca” podcast episode, Pena emphasized that he wanted to transition to MMA immediately after his fourth bout against Gordon Ryan.

However, given that Ryan withdrew from the match, “Preguiça” now has a decision to make:

I don’t know how it’s going to be because I’m 31 so I can’t wait too long to make this transition.
I’ll need some time to learn and evolve and I’m not that young anymore. I think I’m in the limit to make this transition.

With the age thing now, I feel it’s now or never, you know? I have to make a decision.
If I’m doing it it has to be now because I can’t do it later.

And also the financial side of it, it’s such a bigger sport. If I become in MMA what I am in Jiu-Jitsu, it would be a whole other level of media and money.

Furthermore, Pena doesn’t really believe that Ryan had stomach issues – and he doesn’t have the time to wait for him:

My interest is in doing this match. There’s a lot of media on it and everybody wants to see it.
But I don’t believe his stomach excuse last time around, so I don’t know if he wants to fight for now.

I’m talking to people to see what’s going to happen because I can’t stand by and wait for him to decide when he wants to fight.


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