Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Offers Help To UFC Athlete Who Had Only $7 In Bank Account

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Offers Help To UFC Athlete Who Had Only $7 In Bank Account

Themba Gorimbo is a UFC athlete with a unique story.

He traveled all the way from Zimbabwe to Miami (USA), in order to train at the MMA Masters training camp, so that he could prepare for his second UFC fight.

In the process, he was left with only $7 to his name.

He ended up beating Takashi Sato via unanimous decision.
And it was a much-needed win, especially because he experienced harsh words and being ignored by those closest to him after he lost his first UFC fight:

Everyone just kind of moved away. Straight after my loss, when I got home. Everybody [looked at me] like a guy that was smelling like sh*t.

You know, people kind of ignored me. People that I helped kind of ignored me.
A lot of people, even people that were close to me, some of them are called my friends… Even my own brother, man.

I love my brother because my brother is my blood at the end of the day.
But the truth must be told; it hurts me so much that I do so much for people.

He said that he only had $7 to his name:

It’s been a roller coaster. I didn’t have money, if you look at my bank account there’s $7 right now.
In my bank account, there’s $7, and I have to enjoy this. I don’t know how much I’m getting paid.

All I’ve been focused on for this fight was to get the win.
The win was the most important thing, the money is the byproduct of getting the win.

And now, the legendary actor and pro wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has offered help to the UFC fighter.
It made him think back to his own financial struggles: