Dominick Cruz: “Ciryl Gane Just Doesn’t Have The Grappling”

Dominick Cruz: “Ciryl Gane Just Doesn’t Have The Grappling”

Jon Jones and Ciryl Gane will face off at UFC 285… An Dominick Cruz believes that Jones will win the fight.

Though, he does acknowledge that there might be problems for Jones when it comes to Gane’s standup game:

His base style does bring what he needs to do naturally – which is move his feet the whole time, lateral movement side to side, don’t go straight back in straight lines, and finish his combinations with kicks and he does all these things naturally.

He’s very tricky, and he’s so big and so lengthy that any time Jones has faced somebody that length, he’s taken some damage and had a tough time.
Alexander Gustafsson – I mean, that’s really the one that gave him the hardest time, that was the tallest. Maybe Dominick Reyes.

So when you look at that, those little issues of the length and the damage that they can create, Ciryl Gane brings naturally.

However, Cruz also says that Gane isn’t ready for Jones’ grappling… Which might prove to be fatal:

The problem is he just doesn’t have the grappling. There’s no way.

Jon Jones was one of the best grapplers in the 205-pound division 10 years ago. He’s definitely the best grappler in the heavyweight division.

So how do you get past Jon Jones being able to grab a hold of you, double underhook you on the fence, take you down, elbow you, and either mount you and elbow you to death, or when you turn your back because you don’t want to get elbowed, you get choked?

That’s how I see this going over a short period of time.