Darren Till On The Money He Makes From OnlyFans: “F*cking Sign Me Up, Mate”

Darren Till On The Money He Makes From OnlyFans: “F*cking Sign Me Up, Mate”
Image Credits: Darren Till Instagram

Darren Till, UFC middleweight fighter, recently spoke in an interview with Daniel Cormier on many topics – including the work he does through the controversial OnlyFans website.

Till revealed how he started working for the site in the first place:

They [the OnlyFans team] actually approached my team. When they came to me, I was like: “No, forget all that.”
But they were like: “No, we’re trying to change the face of the brand. We just want him to upload fight footage.”

I was like: “What? They’ll give me that [much money]? F*cking sign me up mate, I’ll get my c*ck out for that all day, no problem.

He explained the type of videos he makes on the site:

So, it’s just fight footage. But it’s actually a good concept, because people sign up and you get dollars for people signing up.

It’s good fight footage, I’ve got rent to pay. I haven’t fought for 12 months, you’ve got to make other ways to make money.

In fact, “The Gorilla” hasn’t fought up until yesterday; his UFC 282 fight against Dricus du Plessis.

Till made a mistake in the third round. He overswang and du Plessis went for a takedown, taking him down directly into Mount.
Till took a lot of shots from there and turned, making it possible for his opponent to set up a Rear Naked Choke – and get the tap.