Danielle Kelly: “I Love What Gordon Ryan Is Trying To Do For The Sport”

Danielle Kelly: “I Love What Gordon Ryan Is Trying To Do For The Sport”

The popularity of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is rising steadily. And not just in terms of an exponential rise in numbers of hobbyist practitioners, but also when it comes to the professional side of the Gentle Art.

Namely, professional athletes are earning more and more money for their performances and via sponsorships. For example, Gordon Ryan recently signed a 7-figure competition contract.

This is aligned with what Ryan said that he wanted to do; to bring BJJ to the masses. And Danielle Kelly shares his opinion, as she is on the same journey herself.
Here’s what she had to say in an interview with MMA Fighting:

I actually agree with what Gordon says. I love what he’s trying to do for the sport.
I know he just signed something that guaranteed him like $3 million. That’s something that’s never been known for a Jiu-Jitsu person.

When I started in 2006, Jiu-Jitsu tournaments didn’t even have a $100 prize or anything.
So it’s pretty cool that spot I’m in. We can actually make a living off it.

Times are changing. I think in the next two to five years coming up, I think Jiu-Jitsu will be the same level as MMA.

Kelly doesn’t feel pressured to make the transition to MMA, as she feels that she has everything she needs in her BJJ career:

I know for a while I wanted to try MMA, but then I got these matches offered to me.

Over time, I started doing pretty well [financially] and the thought of MMA kept getting pushed back because I would just focus on Jiu-Jitsu because I would get offered these big matches.


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