Dana White Brags That He Sold Out A Power Slap Event For $300K

Dana White Brags That He Sold Out A Power Slap Event For $300K

In a recent appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show” podcast, UFC President Dana White shared insights into the success of his latest venture – the Power Slap League.

The league, which features competitors engaging in a unique combat sport where they slap each other until a knockout is achieved, has quickly risen in popularity.
And, well, Dana White proudly shared that the upcoming Power Slap event scheduled for this Friday has completely sold out – earning a remarkable $300,000 in ticket sales.

Dana didn’t contain his excitement:

This Friday, man. It’s our first time out of the Apex sold out at Durango Station… We did VIP packages.
$300,000 gate this weekend for this Power Slap.

White also highlighted the life-changing impact the league has had on its competitors.
For instance, he shared the story of a fighter known as Wolverine, known as the best in the world:

These guys, if you look at Power Slap, this thing’s like a year and three weeks old.

Wolverine, who’s looked as the best in the world right now, this guy’s paid off his house, paid off his cars… Yeah.

Now they’re making real money and, you know, just changed a lot of these guys’ lives.

Check out the interview on the video below: