Craig Jones Talks CJI Tournament & Pit Style Combat Area: “We’ll Change This Game”

Craig Jones Talks CJI Tournament & Pit Style Combat Area: “We’ll Change This Game”

Craig Jones has sent shock waves throughout the Jiu-Jitsu world, by officially announcing his Craig Jones Invitational (CJI) tournament for the same date as ADCC 2024.

The tournament itself is going to have a $2 million cash prize spread out throughout two divisions, and some athletes such as Ffion Davies and the Tackett brothers have already made the switch from ADCC to CJI.

But will this be a one-time thing?
Or will Jones turn this into a regular event?

Here’s what he had to say on the topic in a recent Reddit post:

We will change this game and create an annual event.

If some miss out this year, such as lighter weight men and we really hope not women.
We will eventually create something that takes care of all.

Would be a shame to not have people like Ffion [Davies] involved, who is a positive voice in this community and a role model to many young athletes.

Jones explains the reason why he organized the tournament as well:

I know everything I put forth is humorous, but if I can’t leave a legacy as an athlete I want to leave on as changing the game for all athletes’ ability to make money.

Additionally, the fans will also have an opportunity to watch the matches live – for free, via YouTube.

The CJI website wrote that the event will feature a pit style area with elevetated walls, which is what Karate Combat is using:

The Pit’s Innovative Approach

The Pit, a unique arena with walls that fighters can use strategically, has introduced a dynamic new element to grappling contests. This setup not only enhances the visual spectacle but also adds a tactical layer previously unexploited in traditional BJJ arenas. The walls of the Pit allow for maneuvers that are impossible in open mat environments, offering grapplers new ways to engage and subdue their opponents.