Nicholas Meregali Under Heavy Scrutiny For Pointing Out His “19-Year-Old, Adult Girlfriend”

Nicholas Meregali Under Heavy Scrutiny For Pointing Out His “19-Year-Old, Adult Girlfriend”

Nicholas Meregali has come under heavy fire of criticism yet again – this time for emphasizing that he’s dating his “beautiful 19-year-old, adult girlfriend”.

As a reminder, Craig Jones started the entire ordeal by criticizing Meregali for dating the 19-year-old:

Well, well, well, what do we have here?

Mr “Authenticity Has A Price” celebrating his young, mature, teenage, 19 year-old girlfriend’s birthday.
What is happening?!

Authenticity has a price and an age apparently, yesterday that age was 18…

And it appears that Meregali’s latest remarks on the subject – the one mentioned in the first sentence of this article, as well as in the paragraph below – came in direct response to what Jones had been saying:

Me and my beautiful 19 year old, adult girlfriend are so proud the Jiu Jitsu community does not support p*dos.

He added in the comment section:

The Jim Carrey from China, Craig Jones, succeeded one more time making nonsense jokes.
We are all proud of you for becoming a comedian.


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The post drew a lot of criticisms though, with some of the comments saying the following:

Imagine how sketchy it is when you need to specify that your girlfriend is an adult.

Why do you have to specify adult?

Just cause it’s legal does not mean it’s not creepy.

Some have taken it to the defense of Meregali, such as Gordon Ryan:

At 18, you can fly across the world, and blow people apart for your country, but God forbid you decide who you wanna date.

As well as other people as well, who have been defending Meregali’s previous actions of liking his girlfriend’s photos from all the way back when she was 15 years old:

He didn’t groom the girl. He got in a relationship with her and he likes her so much that he did that cringe thing and liked all her pictures. I did that with a girl I really liked before most guys have .

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