Craig Jones Explains How Gordon Ryan will Ruin Flograppling

Craig Jones Explains How Gordon Ryan will Ruin Flograppling

Craig Jones, highly popular and influential figure in professional grappling, recently spoke out about the challenges facing FloGrappling, a major platform in the grappling community, particularly concerning its reliance on superstar Gordon Ryan.

FloGrappling’s Reliance on Gordon Ryan

Jones opens with a stark assessment: “They basically cannot make profit off a professional grappling event unless Gordon’s involved.” He notes the early realization by FloGrappling of Ryan’s vital role in their profitability, yet criticizes their approach. Instead of leveraging Ryan to build other stars, Jones suggests they focused only on short-term profits.

The Risks of a One-Star Business Model

Craig Jones outlines the risky strategy employed by FloGrappling: “Let’s try to leverage him to build other stars so that if we lose him, we can still turn a profit.” The lack of this strategy places FloGrappling in a precarious position where their success is heavily tied to Ryan’s participation.

The Future of FloGrappling Post-Ryan

Looking ahead, Jones speculates about the company’s future once Ryan’s contract ends, implying it might not be sustainable: “I believe he has two or one matches left on that contract and then he’s open again.” He hints at the potential difficulties FloGrappling might face if they continue to alienate other athletes in favor of Ryan.

Personal Perspective from Craig Jones

Jones, with a touch of humor, imagines a scenario where he is approached by FloGrappling with a significant offer to return. He uses this to highlight the short-sighted nature of their current business model. According to him, Ryan was offered a lucrative contract with the freedom to dictate his own terms:

“So now he’s basically is going to be able to leverage these two against each other.
But I would imagine things aren’t going to be good for FloGrappling if they can’t get him under contract again.

Yeah, because if he goes to UFC, who else is there?”

Because they’re going to say: “Craig, we’re going to offer you a lot of money to come back to FloGrappling…”
And I’m going to be, like: “$1 million for emotional damage.”

“They’re going to offer you a lot of money to come back to flow grappling, and I’m going to be like, ‘$1 million.'”

Craig Jones’s insights provide a critical analysis of the business strategy of FloGrappling, emphasizing the risks of relying heavily on a single star athlete. His commentary underscores the importance of creating a more sustainable and diversified approach in professional sports industries.

Jones’s remarks offer an insider’s view into the grappling world and the business strategies that can either make or break platforms like FloGrappling. His perspective is valuable for understanding the dynamics at play in professional grappling and sports media.