Copa Podio Heavyweight GP Groups Defined, Big Match Ups

Copa Podio Heavyweight GP Groups Defined, Big Match Ups



The next stage of the Copa Podio has been scheduled. On May 9, the Heavyweight GP will once again take place in Rio de Janeiro, at Botafogo Gymnasium. The event will have a FREE LIVE STREAM.


The groups for the Copa Podio Heavyweight GP have been defined:

On the one side, in the Green Group, are: Erberth Santos (BRA), Vinny Magalhães (BRA), Tim Spriggs (USA), Nelton Pontes (POR) and Fernando Reis (BRA).

The Yellow Group features current Middleweight champion Felipe Preguiça (BRA), Victor Honório (BRA), Delson “Pé de Chumbo” (BRA), Maks Wisniewski (POL) and Eduardo “Luta Livre” (BRA).


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Brazilian Erberth Santos and Portuguese Nelton Ponte will be featured in the opening match.


In each of the groups, matches will run for six minutes in a round robin system (each one fighting the other), in which a submission is worth five points, a win is four points, a win through advantage or penalties counts three, while a draw is worth just one point.


The two athletes with the highest number of points from each group will qualify for the semifinals.


Check the full schedule below for another edition of Copa Podio Jiu-Jitsu.


4:30 pm – Gates open at Botafogo Gymnasium (RJ)



Edwin Najmi (USA) x Alex Cabanes (SPA)


6:20 pm – 1ST ROUND OF THE GP

(Green): Erberth Santos (BRA) x Nelton Pontes (POR)

(Green): Vinny Magalhães (BRA) x Fernando Reis (BRA)

(Yellow): Victor Honório (BRA) x Maks Wisniewski (POL)

(Yellow): Delson “Pé de Chumbo” (BRA) x Eduardo “Luta Livre” (BRA)


6:50 pm- 2ND ROUND OF THE GP

(Green): Erberth Santos (BRA) x Fernando Reis (BRA)

(Green): Tim Spriggs (USA) x Nelton Pontes (POR)

(Yellow): Victor Honório (BRA) x Eduardo “Luta Livre” (BRA)

(Yellow): Maks Wisniewski (POL) x Felipe Preguiça (BRA)


7:20 pm- 3RD ROUND OF THE GP

(Green): Tim Spriggs (USA) x Fernando Reis (BRA)

(Green): Vinny Magalhães (BRA) x Erberth Santos (BRA)

(Yellow): Felipe “Preguiça” (BRA) x Eduardo “Luta Livre” (BRA)

(Yellow): Delson “Pé de Chumbo” (BRA) x Victor Honório (BRA)


7:50 pm – 4TH ROUND OF THE GP

(Green): Vinny Magalhães (BRA) x Tim Spriggs (USA)

(Green): Nelton Pontes (POR) x Fernando Reis (BRA)

(Yellow): Felipe “Preguiça” (BRA) x Delson “Pé de Chumbo” (BRA)

(Yellow): Eduardo “Luta Livre” (BRA) x Maks Wisniewski (POL)


8:20 pm – 5TH ROUND OF THE GP

(Green): Nelton Pontes (POR) x Vinny Magalhães (BRA)

(Green): Erberth Santos (BRA) x Tim Spriggs (USA)

(Yellow): Maks Wisniewski (POL) x Delson “Pé de Chumbo” (BRA)

(Yellow): Victor Honório (BRA) x Felipe Preguiça (BRA)


INTERVAL (15 min)



Middleweight No-Gi Challenge: Daniel Moraes (BRA) x Gregor Gracie (BRA)


9:20 pm – GP SEMIFINALS 

Match 1: 1st place from Green Group x 2nd place from Yellow Group

Match 2: 1st place from Yellow Group x 2nd place from Green Group


9:50 pm – SUPER FIGHT

Lightweight No-Gi Challenge: Goiti Yamauchi (BRA) x Miltinho Vieira (BRA)


10:10 pm – SUPER FIGHT

Serginho Moraes (BRA) x Leandro Lo (BRA)



Loser of Match 1 x Loser of Match 2


10:50 pm – GP GRAND FINAL

Winner of Match 1 x Winner of Match 2