BJJ Black Belt Kody Steele Dominates In MMA Debut: Wins by Knockout

BJJ Black Belt Kody Steele Dominates In MMA Debut: Wins by Knockout

Kody Steele, a BJJ black belt and Combat Jiu-Jitsu champion, had a fantastic MMA debut at Fury FC 49; winning by knockout in the third round against Kane Lewis.


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The fight started off with Steele getting a big takedown on Lewis. He then transitioned to Mount, then to the back… But Lewis rolled up to his knees and managed to get back up to his feet. However, he was against the cage now and Steele brought him back down to the canvas. He got into Mount again, but Lewis bridged up his way out.
Kody then backed Lewis against the cage and threw knee strikes from the clinch, following up with a few punches and a Single Leg takedown. He got into Side Control, took Lewis’s back; who turtled up and ate a few more shots from Steele as the round ended.

The second round began with Steele going for yet another takedown, but Lewis defended and countered with a back kick. Steele followed up with punches and a body kick, then driving Lewis to the fence while continuing to kick and punch. At one point, Steele backed off and Lewis got a chance to rest for a brief moment, returning to the center of the octagon after Steele’s mouthguard fell out.
The round ended with Kody driving Lewis to the cage yet again.

At the start of round three, Lewis got a body kick. However, his second kick attempt led him to slip and fall, which Steele took advantage of. He got on top of him with punches, getting Lewis’s back and then suplexing him when he stood up. Lewis then turtled up and grabbed Steele’s leg, but Kody continued to keep Lewis against the cage.
After a jab and another punch thrown into him, Lewis tried to get out of the way, but Kody dropped him with a right hand. He followed up with some ground and pound, before the referee stopped the fight.