Bas Rutten Reveals That Rickson Gracie Was His “Dream Fight”

Bas Rutten Reveals That Rickson Gracie Was His “Dream Fight”

Bas Rutten, one of the greatest MMA fighters in history and a UFC Hall Of Famer, recently did an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session on Reddit, where he answered all sorts of interesting questions!

For example, when asked what was the dream fight he never had an opportunity for, Rutten revealed that it would’ve been against – Rickson Gracie.
He’d love to have had an opportunity to test himself:

Rickson, but just out of respect. Just wanted to see if I could stay out of his submissions.
Unbelievably good on the ground.

He was also asked: “Which fighter was different in private, or in the cage, to how the public saw them – and how?”
Here’s Rutten’s response:

McGregor is a really nice guy, Jon Jones is a really nice guy, Tito same, so many times it’s an act.

Sure McGregor did some other things, but we all do stupid stuff when we drink, I am just fortunate there wasn’t social media at the time.

He also shared that being a great wrestler isn’t enough to win MMA fights – but adding yet another art to it could be:

Wrestling is the glue, if you are either wrestler with a great ground game or one with a great striking game, you will do great.

Wrestlers are also super tough, but being a wrestler and not having as much striking or submission skills doesn’t make you win a fight, add one more art and you are gold.


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