[WATCH] Anthony Smith Hits Quick Guillotine Choke At UFC 301

[WATCH] Anthony Smith Hits Quick Guillotine Choke At UFC 301

Anthony Smith made a resounding statement at UFC 301…
Silencing any doubts and proving that he’s far from being counted out in the octagon.

Facing off against Vitor Petrino, who had issued a callout for their showdown in Brazil, Smith found himself in a situation where he felt underestimated – viewed perhaps as an aging veteran ripe for the picking by an up-and-coming prospect.

However, Smith wasted no time dispelling that notion.
The fight took a decisive turn just two minutes into the first round, when Petrino attempted a takedown…

Only to fall victim to a perfectly executed Guillotine Choke from Smith.

Smith spoke about the submission, following the bout:

When [Dustin] Poirier kept jumping those guillotines, I said in practice, I don’t have any Guillotine finishes — I called that weeks ago.

At the end of the day, there’s levels to this sh*t.
You’ve got to remember, this guy is undefeated. He had no reason to question himself or back out of something.

He also had a message for the “haters”:

Wins go away fast.
You forget what it feels like to win, even a short time.

For all you haters out there, maybe I’m not so f*cking old.