ADXC 3: The First Matches Are Confirmed For The Tournament In Brazil

ADXC 3: The First Matches Are Confirmed For The Tournament In Brazil

After its second edition dialed the action all the way up to eleven last Friday, January 19th, the Abu Dhabi Extreme Championship (ADXC) shows no signs of stopping and has already revealed key details of its upcoming tournament, which will mark the organization’s first venture in foreign lands!

Scheduled to take place in the Brazilian city of Balneário Camboriú on March 2nd, the ADXC 3 gave fight fans a brief but meaningful glimpse into what they can expect from the card of the next event.

During a press conference, the matchmaker Mohammed Al Housani revealed that Brazilian powerhouses Fellipe Andrew, Roberto Cyborg, and Jansen Gomes will be a part of the ADXC 3.

He then went on to announce that ADXC 1 champion Daniel “Big Dan” Manasoiu will be making a comeback, this time against Pedro Alex “Bombom”.
It’s worth noting that this will be Big Dan’s second time fighting a GFTeam athlete in the ADXC, as he defeated Antonio Assef in the tournament’s debut.

The matchmaker also revealed that Leonardo Mario, champion of the past season AJP Professional Black Belt ranking, will also be making an appearance at the upcoming event, standing across the cage from the Emirati Khaled Alshehi, one of the most awarded black belts in the UAE and a key player in major AJP tournaments.

The ADXC 3 will make its way to Balneário Camboriú on March 2nd, and these reveals are just beginning.
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Announced Fights

Leonardo Mario vs. Khaled AlShehi
Daniel “Big Dan” Manasoiu vs. Pedro Alex “Bombom”