ADXC 2: Athletes Face The Weight Ins & Confirm Their Battles In Abu Dhabi

ADXC 2: Athletes Face The Weight Ins & Confirm Their Battles In Abu Dhabi

Before the explosive battles set to take place today, January 19th, the ADXC 2 fighters had to overcome a different but no less dangerous foe: The scales.

The Ceremonial Weigh-ins were held last Thursday, January 18th, with all of the upcoming tournament’s roster not only clearing their weights and qualifying to step onto the ADXC cage but also taking the chance to have one last staredown before they meet on the battlefield.

Among the highlights, Aljamain Sterling and Chase Hooper both weighed within the 77kg threshold, Pouya Rahmani hit 114.3kg while Denzel Freeman landed at 117.2kg for their 120kg duel, and Terrance McKinney reached 77.9kg while Sidney Outlaw took it to the limit and weighed 81.5kg for the upcoming 81.6kg match.

With the ceremony completed, all the athletes have cleared their goals and the ADXC 2 can proceed without any last-minute changes.
Check out the list below for the full weigh-in results and tune in for the second edition of the Abu Dhabi Extreme Championship today, January 19th, live on TX7.ae.


Main Event

Aljamain Sterling (76.2) vs. Chase Hooper (76.2) – Grappling (Welterweight)

Bruno Lima (84.3) vs. Manuel Ribamar (85.4) – Jiu-Jitsu (Middleweight)

Co-Main Event

Ffion Davies (58) vs. Luana Pinheiro (56.7) – Grappling (Catchweight)

Pablo Lavaselli (76.7) vs. Espen Mathiesen (77.1) – Jiu-Jitsu (Welterweight)

Main Card

Douglas Lima (88.3) vs. Rinat Fakhredinov (87.9) – Grappling (Catchweight)

Ali Monfaradi (76.3) vs. Talison Costa (76.3) – Jiu-Jitsu (Welterweight)

Sidney Outlaw (81.5) vs. Terrance McKinney (77.9) – Grappling (Welterweight)

Gabriel Sousa (70.1) vs. Yuta Shimada (69.2) – Jiu-Jitsu (Lightweight)

Denzel Freeman (117.2) vs. Pouya Rahman (114.3) – Grappling (Heavyweight)

Prelims Card

Omar Al Suwaidi (56.3) vs. Shay Montague (55.9) – Jiu-Jitsu (Flyweight)

Ahmed Amir (74.7) vs. Matus Arpas (74.5) – Grappling (Welterweight)

Yara Kakish (65) vs. Emily Ferreira (66.1) – Jiu-Jitsu (Featherweight)

Mohammed Al Suwaidi (69.9) vs. Seonghyeon Joo (70.3) – Grappling (Lightweight)

Alinur Kuataly (65.7) vs. Yaroslav Rymasjevkii (65.9)- Jiu-Jitsu (Featherweight)