Will HIIT Workouts Help Out My Cardio for BJJ?

Will HIIT Workouts Help Out My Cardio for BJJ?

“If you are tired you’re not strong, if you are tired you’re not fast, if you’re tired you don’t have good technique, and if you’re tired you’re not even smart”

Dan Inosanto.

„How do I improve my cardio for BJJ?“ This is one of those questions that are often given a generic answer: „Just spend more time on the mats.“ But there has got to be more to it, doesn’t it?

How about HIIT workouts (High Intensity Interval Training)? Are they good for building cardio on the mat?

If you have competed in BJJ, you may have noticed that it’s very important to have proper conditioning. When you mix adrenaline and nerves in a competition setting, your BJJ cardio may be heavily affected…

In this video Chewy give his opinion on HIIT workouts for BJJ cardio based on my experience. This is of course his opinion based on his experience. Be sure to use and try it out, because we are all different.


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