What’s Next For Gordon Ryan In 2024?

What’s Next For Gordon Ryan In 2024?

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Gordon Ryan is the most recognized Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu player of the current generation and is widely considered the greatest submission-grappling competitor of all time. Whether you are a fan or not, a Gordon Ryan match is a guaranteed masterclass in technical Jiu-Jitsu. It is always exciting to see his next steps while bringing the sport to the next level. Today, we will discuss what could be next for the No-Gi GOAT, Gordon Ryan.


The King Of ADCC

Given that Gordon has stayed on top at the highest level while beating every opponent that poses a threat to his legacy and avenged the losses from early in his career, it is intriguing to think who can pose an even more significant challenge that may dethrone the ADCC king in the current competitive landscape.

Perhaps it may not be “who” that can pose a great threat to the GOAT, but rather “what” can be an even better challenge for Gordon. With the upcoming 2024 ADCC World Championship in Las Vegas, Gordon is set to headline defending his superfight title against the 2023 ADCC absolute weight class champion, Yuri Simoes.

As new ideas may help bring bigger entertainment to the sport of submission grappling, Gordon proposes to participate in two superfights over the two-day event. If not allowed by the organizers, Gordon would propose another to compete in the under 99kg and over 99kg divisions, plus the superfight. While Gordon dislikes competing against his teammates, he tries to make these proposals to the ADCC organizers as he ideally wants to leave the divisions (+-99kg) to them.     

Gordon, being a one-person show that he is, is always a man of surprises. Another thought that can be entertained is if the ADCC will allow him to compete in the absolute division while simultaneously booking him for a superfight. Typically, the winner of the absolute division is the one who fights the current superfight champion. Assuming that Gordon is allowed to compete in the absolute and become champion, this leaves the next superfight challenger at the hands of the organizers, as Gordon cannot be his own challenger.

When this happens, Gordon will be able to compete at his division, absolute, and the superfight. This is a good way to rack up more gold medals and further one-up his legacy.


UFC Fight Pass Invitational

With Gordon Ryan being the current face of submission grappling, and in many ways Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as a whole, the UFC Fight Pass Invitational is always a great option as it can potentially expose thousands of new viewers to the sport of grappling. If you think about it, converting a mixed martial arts viewer into a Jiu-Jitsu fan can be tricky as BJJ is a highly nuanced sport. Adding Gordon to the UFC Fight Pass Invitationals (even as a commentator) can potentially drive more interest in submission grappling, especially with casual viewers.

Will we ever see Gordon against Nicky Rodriguez again? Nicky Rod is by far one of the most athletic and exciting grapplers today. He is a former teammate of Gordon Ryan from the Danaher Death Squad and is one of the few grapplers in the world that can pose a threat to the King. As Nicky won his recent match in the UFC Fight Pass Invitational, it would be interesting to see another match between these two juggernauts of the game.

Last year, Gordon beat Nicky Rod in a heavily contested over-time match. Recently, Nicky has challenged Gordon again into a match, and this time, putting bets on the line. While Gordon has already shut down Nicky’s offer leading to this match, will we ever see him against Nicky outside ADCC?


Mixed Martial Arts

Gordon believes that if any of his training partners (Nicolas Meregali, Giancarlo Bodoni, and Luke Griffith, etc.) can catch up and take the throne in ADCC absolute division and start dominating the competition as he does, then he may take the jump and start competing in MMA.

According to Gordon, he already earns millions from teaching and instructional (videos) alone; this excludes contract deals and fight winnings. To him, his goal is not just to dominate but to elevate the sport as a whole. This includes improving the purses of BJJ competitors to at least six to seven figures per fight.

Will we ever see Gordon Ryan in MMA? Gordon is no stranger when it comes to training with MMA greats like Jon Jones, Jake Shields, and Georges St-Pierre. While the element of striking totally changes how grappling is played in MMA, it is always a thing of wonder how Gordon will fare against the highest level of competition in MMA.

Recently, Gordon has been in an internet battle against one of MMA’s OGs, Mark Hunt. Both claim that they will do well against each other in an MMA match. While Mark Hunt is known for his one-punch power, Gordon claims he is willing to take the chance to get a hold of Hunt’s legs before the Super Samoan lands a knock-out punch.


Gordon Ryan To Compete In The Gi?

Will we ever see Gordon compete again in the Gi? He has been training with Nicolas Meregali, whom many consider the best Gi competitor of this generation. Gordon sure has the resources to become a champion in gi Jiu-Jitsu.

Gordon has already achieved unprecedented success in No-Gi grappling; transitioning to the Gi is the logical next step if he wants to keep things fresh. While Gordon’s No-Gi knowledge is years ahead of anyone in the competition scene, competing in the Gi is an entirely different world and may be an excellent challenge for him.



Gordon Ryan’s legacy in the sport is undeniable, and he will go down in history as one of the best to ever do it. We are excited to see what he will accomplish next year and in the future. Will 2024 be an even greater year for Gordon? We are yet to find out!