What is the secret of Business Bay’s popularity in Dubai, the UAE

What is the secret of Business Bay’s popularity in Dubai, the UAE

Business Bay is one of the top 5 most famous communities in Dubai. It has a high reputation in real estate for a project that was only completed in 2008 and further developed in 2015. Many like to know what is at stake and why the area is famous – which is a smart move. Learning the reason behind the public perception of the area will help determine if it matches your asset goals to buy properties in Business Bay, UAE.

Why is Business Bay Popular?

Business Bay is famous for its location. That is a crucial factor in the preference for Business Bay over other areas. It is less than ten minute’s drive from Downtown Dubai (a very prominent site due to the high-rise hotels and leisure options); it is a strategic location allowing residents to breeze in and out of the bubbly downtown area. Furthermore, in its strategic location, you can get to the Dubai International airport in about eleven minutes of driving. Immigrants often favor areas close to airports, especially those close to the center of the town. Additionally, the property is cheaper in the business bay than in other prominent locations such as downtown Dubai and the Jumeirah areas. People get proximity to all of the cool areas and ease to the airport at a cheaper and more affordable rate; little wonder why the area is perceived as a preferred place to live.

The estimated cost of buying property in the Business Bay Area.

Property Type Price Range
One bedroom 700, 000 AED – 2, 500, 000 AED
Two bedrooms 1, 500, 000 AED average price
Three bedroom 3 Million AED
Four bedroom 5 million AED
Penthouses 10 million AED

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Compatibility and Expat Population

Business Bay is an area for everybody. The town’s property options and its strategic community facilities make it a great option for multiple reasons. Some call it the lover’s hive with many romantic getaway spots and honeymoon-worthy activities. At the same time, it has a healthy collection of schools, parks, children’s public swimming pools, and playgrounds; a blend of features that make it suitable for family living. More so, it has a condo and single apartments for students and young adults who are starting out in life. Unlike some areas that are predominantly villa communities, you can find a combination of every kind of property in Business Bay making it a suitable site for anyone regardless of their stage in life. That is another reason for its notorious popularity in real estate.

Do you think it is worth the shots?

Visit the official site of AX Capital to preview available units of housing. If you like immersive communities with malls and all necessary amenities and a wide range of communal expat living, consider Business Bay.