UFC Slightly Backtracks On Ban For Helwani

UFC Slightly Backtracks On Ban For Helwani

After receiving plenty of media attention for evicting Helwani and two colleagues from UFC 199, TMZ caught up with Dana White and inquired what exactly being “banned for life” entails.

Dana was quick to backtrack:

“He can cover all the events he wants, he just can’t have a credential.”

This specifically means if Helwani were to buy a ticket, he could attend UFC events.

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Dana White further clarified that Helwani is not allowed a media credential as long as he is employed by the UFC.

A number of media outlets picked up the story yesterday and stated their outrage at this kind of petty tactics.

Helwani gave an interview to Yahoo sports citing he was repeatedly told:

“Go cover Bellator. We don’t want you here.’ …

to which Helwani said, ‘What did I do wrong?’

response: ‘You’re too negative.”

Initially we thought that Helwani caught flack for breaking that Brock Lesnar was close to signing a contract for UFC 200. Since then it’s been confirmed that Helwani and friends were banned not only because of this but also because of breaking that the contract for Diaz vs McGregor 2 was done.

This is not the first time that Zuffa llc banned a reporter. Couple years ago they had a run in with Sherdog stuff. Dana White even confirmed those events himself on twitter.