Tom DeBlass’s BJJ & Life Advice: “Do Not Run From Hardships”

Tom DeBlass’s BJJ & Life Advice: “Do Not Run From Hardships”

Tom DeBlass is one of the most respected Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athletes and coaches in the world. He’s done a lot to promote the sport in the best of ways…
But all of that success didn’t come without struggle. Struggle, which set him up for a lifetime of battles and wins.

DeBlass shared more in a heartfelt social media post a few days ago:

I have had so many disappointments in life, so much heartbreak.
I’ve failed over and over and been let down by the people I love the most.

However, there is great irony within all those heartbreaking moments. The irony is, without that pain, there could be no happy endings.
I can only enjoy all that I’ve earned now because I understand how it feels to have nothing.

In his words, you should learn how to “suffer well”:

I have tattooed on me, “suffer well,” and it has so much meaning.
In reality, anytime I’m going through a hard time now, I find comfort.

I find comfort because I know the rain will stop, and the sun will shine once again.
Only this time, it will shine a bit brighter than last time.

Then, he shares a great word of advice…
Applicable on the mats and off the mats alike:

If I could give one piece of advice to everyone, it would be this: do not run from hardships.
Do not run from your mistakes. Do not run from your failures.

Only infants and cowards run, never successful adults.
Look at your short comings and analyze them. Every time we fall short, it’s a wonderful time to reflect and dissect. It’s a perfect time to improve ourselves as humans.

If we run from the tough times, all we are doing is ensuring we will continue to make the same mistakes.


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