The Phenomenal Knockout Career of Alex “Poatan” Pereira

The Phenomenal Knockout Career of Alex “Poatan” Pereira

Alex Pereira has managed to blitz his way through the UFC middleweight division, earning the matching reputation as a predator in the ring. Israel Adesanya might have knocked his lights back to Brazil for a brief moment at UFC 287 to secure a sweet victory. However, that doesn’t stop the “Poatan” from wearing the crown of the hardest hitter in the UFC presently. 

Perreira may be sort of a genetic abnormality, or maybe as perfectly fitted as fighters come. He has the power and build of a heavyweight, the punch of a boxer, the precision of a lightweight, and the kickboxing skills of the best to ever step into the octagon and ring. Let’s take a small dive through Poatan’s knockout career. 

The Evolution of Alex Pereira’s Technique

Alex Pereira has transitioned from a boxer to a kickboxer dominating promotions like Glory Kickboxing and the UFC. He’s recently moved up to the light heavyweight division at UFC; a potential match between Pereira and Jon Jones would have been billed as the UFC match of the century. But that’s not happening now that Jones has also moved up to heavyweight.

Pereira is a cautious fighter, always keeping his hands high in an orthodox stance when he fights, a testament to his boxing days. However, as his technique has evolved, Pereira now lowers his guard to increase pressure on opponents. Pereira’s fight metrics show a well-rounded skill set with a significant focus on punches, complemented by kicks and knees.

Perreira isn’t just freakishly powerful even compared to fighters like Jon Jones or Francis Ngannou. He’s calculated, smart, and patient in the Octagon. He’ll stalk his opponent unflinchingly using size to his advantage. He doesn’t swing wildly, rather, he methodically sets up his shots, making him a true artist in the ring. UFC lists his stats at 62% strike accuracy, with a nearly perfect record on takedowns. 

This titanium man boasts an impressive record of 21 wins by KO, against a total of 40 fights. He also boasts the distinction of being the only fighter to KO Izzy Adesanya. That alone qualifies him to be one of the greats. 

You better pay for essay and make time to watch some of his best fights, as we dive into six great KO/TKOs delivered by Poatan over the years.

Great Pereira KO/TKO Highlights Through the Years

Alex Pereira is one of the most brutal knock-out artists in the fighting business, not just coming off raw power like Francis Ngannou. He’s fast, tires his enemy with high leg and knee combos, and calculated punches before landing that final zinger. 

Let’s explore Poatan’s KO career over the years.

Alex Pereira vs. Sean Strickland

In a high-octane clash at UFC 276, Alex Pereira displayed his knockout prowess with a devastating left hook that swiftly dispatched Sean Strickland in the first round. This was coming off the back of his victory over Israel Adesanya in the Glory promotion. 

Following this remarkable middleweight battle at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Pereira wasted no time in challenging Adesanya for a showdown. Adesanya would later regret downplaying the significance of Pereira’s win, referring to Strickland as an ‘easy’ opponent. 

Alex Pereira vs. Israel Adesanya 2

In what’s been the most iconic fight of Pereira’s career, Poatan was able to KO the “Stylebender” at UFC 281, something no other fighter has accomplished. Pereira dominated most of the fight pushing Izzy around with targeted leg kicks and head shots. 

In the second round, Pereira landed his signature left hook again, as Adesanya charged with a big left hand in Southpaw. Adesanya nearly took down Pereira, but Pereira rebounded and from that moment it was curtains for Izzy. Poatan completed the punishment with a combination of left and right hooks, cornering Adesanya like prey until the ref called it. This was Pereira’s crowning moment of glory. 

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Alex Pereira vs. Thomas Powell 

This was Alex Pereira’s much-anticipated return to mixed martial arts and it was nothing short of spectacular. At the LFA 95 event, Pereira faced off against Thomas Powell, and this was a moment of dominance, as Poatan delivered a classic left hook in the first round to seal a win.

Powell was left with his face on the carpet for at least 5 minutes, and when he came back around he was dazed and bewildered. Meanwhile, the Poatan didn’t even celebrate his win and calmly exited the ring. 

Alex Pereira vs. Andreas Michailidis

In what was his first big fight for the promotion at UFC 268, Pereira violently took down Andreas Michailidis in the 2nd round with a brutal knee to the head that earned him his first UFC TKO. 

Alex Pereira vs. Simon Marcus 2

This was Pereira’s second fight against the great Muay Thai and kickboxing champion, Simon Marcus. While Marcus threw fainting jabs, Pereira preferred overhand combinations that hit Marcus clean

Pereira hit a combination of a rear uppercut and a left hook, finishing off with a right knee to the head. Finally, the Poatan delivered a combination of left hooks and head kicks in his normal fashion, eventually loading his signature left hook to drop Marcus. 

Alex Pereira vs. Donegi Abena

This fight had some good drama. Abena who was second ranked light heavyweight in the Glory Kickboxing promotion came into the fight with lots of confidence, as if sure of a victory. Abena did particularly well when he let Pereira strike first and then counter. Eventually, Pereira landed a beautiful cross into a left uppercut that rocked Abena. 

Abena tried to come back swinging in this fight, adopting a more defensive stance but Pereira unleashed a flurry of hooks on Abena. Eventually, three knockdowns were achieved to call off the fight. 

Long Live Poatan!

Alex Pereira has shown that he is nearly the perfect fighter. He packs a rare combination of power, control, distancing and pace, counter and offensive striking. No other fighter on any promotion at middle and light heavyweight has such a complete and lethal combination of fighting skills. On top of that, Pereira remains one of the most humble and non-controversial fighters in the UFC.

Whether he’s dishing out devastating knees to the head or a flurry of left and right hooks, the Poatan is worth every moment of primetime. His exemplary resume of KOs and victories over unrivaled opponents such as Israel Adesanya qualify Alex Pereira’s legacy. His journey from a successful boxer to one of the most feared kickboxers in the world is a testament to his dedication and evolution in the sport.