The Best Conditioning for BJJ: Roll More? Circuits, Swimming, Running?

The Best Conditioning for BJJ: Roll More? Circuits, Swimming, Running?

When it comes to improving your BJJ conditioning, should you just roll more? Do more circuits? Do long distance running? Go swimming? There are so many options used in Conditioning for BJJ, so how can we know what is appropriate for you and your goals?

Conditioning training is so important for grapplers. It really will not matter how skilled you are because when we get tired, we all turn into white belts.

When you hear sports commentators saying that an athlete has a stronger will than their opponent, it actually means that they have better endurance.

Cardiovascular endurance is what makes you perform when you have been rolling hard for over 10 minutes. You will often see athletes giving up during competitions due to being tired.

If you work on your endurance, you will increase your chances of being able to outlast your opponent on the mat. By adding strength training to that and you will go even further and for longer. It’s important to always remember that strength training and endurance always go together.

Coach Chad, a world renowned strength and conditioning coach and BJJ competitor goes into detail into which are the best strength building exercises for serious Grapplers:

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