Steve Maxwell Mobility Conditioning for Combat Sport Seminar in Sarajevo, Bosnia September 23rd

Steve Maxwell Mobility Conditioning for Combat Sport Seminar in Sarajevo, Bosnia September 23rd

Steve Maxwell  will be coming to Sarajevo, Bosnia and he’s ready to share some knowledge!

The seminar’s theme is: Mobility Conditioning for Martial Arts & Combat Sport.

It will be held on Saturday 23 September from 15:00 to 18:00, location is still TBA.

Steve Maxwell is a physical educator, coach, martial artist and nomad.

He is a 5th degree Jiu Jitsu blackbelt under Relson Gracie and has trained with some of the best in the business incl. Rickson Gracie, Helio Gracie, Xande and Saulo Ribeiro, Kron Gracie and many others.

More info: Nedim Babic, +387 61 830 293 or Maxwell service desk

Jiu Jitsu for a Lifetime, or: How to Endure.

Are you a dedicated Brazilian jiu jitsu player or other martial artist? Do you intend to train in your sport for decades and through life’s milestones? Steve has a lot to share on this topic.

In this seminar, Steve will present the movements, exercises, drills, and mental techniques he credits with keeping him in the grappling game for over a half-century.

    • Learn why jiu jitsu training on its own is not enough for superior physical fitness, and which supplemental measures every grappler and fighter should include in order to remain youthful, vigorous, and pain-free.
    • How the fighting arts — especially the jiu jitsu “guard — compromise the posture and what to do to correct
    • Learn Steve’s singular shoulder complex that will keep your shoulders strong, mobile, and pain-free — especially good for rounded shoulders, or internally-rotated arms
    • How and why over-gripping is harmful to the wrists and elbows — plus a terrific exercise to overcome the effects of excessive grippping
    • The importance of foot and ankle integrity, strength, and mobility — and what this has everything to do with preventing knee injuries
  • Why most jiu jitsu players suffer from gluteal amnesia — and how to correct this
  • The major source of back and knee problems — and how to improve your situation
  • Why most jiu jitsu players have poor abdominal muscle control, relying on hyperactive hip flexors to get the job done
  • Experience Steve’s deep abdominal-activating drills to keep you out of pain and injury and in glowing spinal health
  • The importance of neck and spinal mobility — and its direct relationship to youthfulness, mental and physical health, and injury prevention




More on Steve and his journey in the video below .


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