Simple Adjustments To Take Your BJJ Game To The Next Level

Simple Adjustments To Take Your BJJ Game To The Next Level

Written by Felipe Grez, BJJ black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Felipe runs jiujitsukingdom.com academy in Australia.

Now is the time on reflect on the year’s training and start planning for an even more productive year on the mat. Here are my top six tips to take your BJJ game to the next level in 2015:

1. Be Consistent!

Training twice a week consistently is much better than training three to four times a week right before a competition or upcoming grading then disappearing! BJJ takes time to learn, understand and apply. A little consistency goes a LONG way!

2. Get 1% Better Every time you Train!

Don’t compare your progress with anyone but yourself. Aim for 1% improvement every time you step on the mat. Make an effort to learn something each session, whether it is a new technique or setup, a deeper understanding of what you already know, or the recognition of a mistake that you made and how to fix it.

3. Keep A Training Diary!

This one tip alone will skyrocket your development if you really apply it! Take notes about what you learnt each class, highlight key details, as well as what you did well and what you need to work on when rolling next. Write down any questions for your professor.


4. Be a Great Training Partner!

One of the best things you can do to improve your game is to take interest in your training partner’s progression. Help them learn and sharpen their games. The better they get, the better you get! Your training partners are your most VALUABLE assets on your journey towards Black belt and beyond! Look after and appreciate them!

5. Learn at least 2 Takedowns!

BJJ is first and foremost a fighting art. You must learn how to take your opponent down so that you can apply your techniques. Put some serious time into at least two takedowns and they will be with you when you need them whether that is for self-defence, sports BJJ or MMA.

6. Ask More Questions!

In Jiu-Jitsu, the devil is in the details… Strive to learn how and why each technique works. What are the principles and mechanics behind the technique? When is the best time to apply the movement? Study timing, ask questions and be a “Student of the Game”.


Felipe Grez


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