Ronda Rousey Considering Doing a Reality Show With Family

Ronda Rousey Considering Doing a Reality Show With Family



Ronda Rousey story has the true markings of an individual overcoming big obstacles and harsh upbringing only to achieve some unimaginable feats and subsequently fall from grace. Given the intensitiy and the interest her family story would be able to generate her mother, AnnMaria De Mars is in Trinidad as she traces the roots of the family and visits relatives in the country.

De Mars’ grandfather Dr Alfred E Waddell, was born in Trinidad but left this country for New York in 1923 where he became a physician. Ronda’s mother spoke yesterday to newsday at the event organized by head of Sambo and Combat sports Federation.

De Mars, the first American to win a World judo gold medal in 1984, said her family is currently in negotiations with a company seeking to do a reality show and said she will be pushing for filming to be done in the scenic sister isle of Tobago where she visited last week.

“We had been talking about a reality show in our family owned business and I said Tobago will be the perfect place.”

DeMars also discussed how Ronda has been dealing following 2nd loss:

“I think anybody who is a top athlete, there is a moment right after (a loss) where your world caves in. One thing what Ronda has going for her is that she has a really tight family that loves her. She comes home and I have four grandchildren who just climb over her and you realise these are the things that matter.” She continued: “You know it’s funny, when she was competing in judo as a little kid she used to go to the Junior Nationals, I would tell her: ‘You know Ronda if you don’t win I’ll still love you, just not as much.’ Then one day at age 14 she said to me ‘Mom you know what you said really hurts my feelings’ and I was shocked because I was joking.

But I tell her now ‘I love you just as much. It is amazing and I always tell my kids that it’s better to be the first than the best. Someone could always come along that is better than you but they could never be more first than you. I think it’s great. Sports are wonderful but I coach kids in South Los Angeles (I tell them) I have a phD and a gold medal and one of them enables us to live at the beach in Santa Monica and it’s not the gold medal. For Ronda, she’s so much more than that (MMA), she’s super good at Math and works with our (software) company testing the games so I think for every kid, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re more than what you won this week.” De Mars, who has four daughters includng 18 year old Julia who is vacationing with her, said ideally she would not like none of her children come in harm’s way and would not recommend MMA but said they are so strong-minded that they will pursue whatever career they wish to. Fraser, commenting on hosting Rousey’s mother in Trinidad, said talks are underway for the reality show and he is planning an MMA event as well to possibly mark her presence here.

“We have begun talking about the possibility of having a reality show done and the family (here). For that to happen all the daughters have to be in Trinidad and Tobago. As long as it materialises they’re gonna be here and we’re gonna plan an event around that and have Ronda Rousey here as our guest.”


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