Rodolfo Vieira: MMA Win Was ‘Truck Load’ Off My Back

Rodolfo Vieira: MMA Win Was ‘Truck Load’ Off My Back



Rodolfo Vieira is fresh off his MMA debut and fairly relieved. He managed to finish Zarylbek Daniyar by way of rear naked choke in round 1!

Following statement from his team’s headcoach Ricardo Liborio, Vieira talked about his own victory.

As a reminder Liborio said:

“It was very well done. He did not run away from the root, he shortened the distance well, and I think that’s going to be it for a long time. We will use the basics without running away from what Jiu-Jisu is for MMA. He has the ability to improve much more, “said Liborio, who praised the GFTeam champion’s character.

Vieira, himself told Combate:


“It was a truck load off my back. As the day of the fight approached, I was getting more and more nervous. I used to be really tense when I fought in jiu-jitsu, too, but MMA is a different sport. I had a good, long, camp at American Top Team and I was confident I would get the win.

“The 205 weight class is a bit tricky for me, because I’m too short, but I’m too heavy. I fought at 205 because there was a huge responsibility and I didn’t want to worry about cutting weight. I already had a lot on my mind. I want to move down on my second or third fight. I think I’ll get there well and still be strong.”



When prompted about next fight Vieira said:

“I’ll talk to my manager about my future. I intend to fight in June or July. I’ll take some time off and then I’ll be back in the United States to train. I want to fight at least twice more in 2017, even three times, depending on how the fights go. If they go like the first one, I can do three.”