Robert Drysdale: ‘Another ADCC Goes By & Gi Grapplers Win Unanimously’

Robert Drysdale: ‘Another ADCC Goes By & Gi Grapplers Win Unanimously’


2007 Open weight champion champion (He submitted GOAT Marcelo Garcia in the final) was watching this year’s ADCC and made a comment on his instagram. For Drysdale, who trains both Gi and No Gi, it is important to train in both to be the best in No Gi.

Is he right?

Marcelo Garcia also says the same thing.

Let’s look at ADCC 2015 results. All those that placed in the top 3 are Gi based grapplers or started training in the Gi (Jiu-Jitsu). The exception is Rustam Chsiev who is a wrestler both also has a Sambo background( Gi). No catch wrestler, no 10th planet Jiu-Jitsu (Vinny Magalhaes has trained with 10th planet but got his BJJ black belt under Gracie Humaita in the Gi), no Luta Livre fighter have placed in the top 3.

Geo Martinez came very close but ended up losing to Bruno Frazzato.

Does this mean that training in the Gi is enough? No, but training in both is a good idea.

Luta Livre or 10th planet grapplers will disagree but until they can produce consistent champions in the ADCC, this will might be the accepted truth.



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