ADCC 2015: Day 2 Recap & Results

ADCC 2015: Day 2 Recap & Results


Here is the recap of Sunday’s action.
Sunday will be the Semis and Finals, the open weight as well as the superfight between Cyborg and Andre Galvao.
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Day 2:

Male -66kg

Ruben Charles vs Augusto Mendes (Ruben Charles by ref decision)
Geo Martinez vs Bruno Frazzato (Frazzato via points)


Rubens Charles vs. Bruno Frazzato (Ruben Charles by points)

Bronze medal match

Augusto Mendes vs Geo Martinez (Augusto Mendes by submission)

Male -77kg

Otavio Souza vs Lucas Lepri (Lucas Lepri by points)
Gilbert Burns vs Davi Ramos (Davi Ramos by rear naked choke)


Lucas Lepri vs Davi Ramos (Davi Ramos by armbar)

Bronze medal match

Otavio Souza vs Gilbert Burns (Gilbert Burns on points)

Male -88kg

Romulo Barral vs Yuri Simoes (Simoes by points)
Keenan Cornelius vs Rustam Chsiev (Cornelius by referee decision)


Yuri Simoes vs Keenan Cornelius (Yuri Simoes on points)

Bronze medal match

Romulo Barral vs Rustam Chsiev (Rustam Chsiev by referee decision)

Male -99kg

Joao Assis vs Felipe Pena (Pena by points)
Alexandre Ribeiro vs Rodolfo Vieira (Rodolfo Vieira by points)


Felipe Pena vs Rodolfo Vieira (Rodolfo Vieira by referee decision)

Bronze medal match

Joao Assis vs Alexandre Ribeiro (Joao Assis- Ribeiro injured)

Male +99kg

Orlando Sanchez vs Vinny Magalhaes (Sanchez by ref decision)
Jared Dopp vs Joao Rocha (Jared Dopp)


Orlando Sanchez vs Jared Dopp (Orlando Sanchez by referee decision)

Bronze medal match

Vinny Magalhaes vs Joao Rocha (Magalhaes by heelhook)

Female +60kg

Gabi Garcia vs Jessica Oliveira (Oliveira by referee decision)
Ana Laura Cordeiro vs Amanda Santana (Cordeiro by points)


Jessica Oliveira vs Ana Laura Cordeiro (Cordeiro by points)

Gabi Garcia vs Amanda Santana (Garcia by referee decision)

Female -60kg

Michelle Nicolini vs Tammi Musumeci (Nicolini)
Mackenzie Dern vs Beatriz Mesquita (Dern by points)


Michelle Nicolini vs Mackenzie Dern (Mackenzie Dern by points)

Bronze medal match

Tammi Musumeci vs Beatriz Mesquita (Musumeci by rear naked choke)


Andre Galvao vs Roberto Cyborg Abreu (Galvao on points 6-0)

Open Weight

1rst Bracket:
Vinny Magalhaes vs. Garry Tonon (Magalhaes by penalties)
Claudio Calasans vs. Gabriel Lucas (Claudio Calasans on points)
Dean Lister vs Ricardo Mesquita (Lister by submission)
Yuri Simoes vs. Hideki Sekina (Yuri Simoes)

Claudio Calasans vs Vinny Magalhaes (Calasans by referee decision)
Yuri Simoes vs Dean Lister via points (Simoes on points)

Claudio Calasans vs Yuri Simoes (Calasans by referee decision)


2nd bracket:
Rodolfo Vieira vs. Benson Henderson (Rodolfo Vieira by submissio- kimura)
Rafael Lovato vs. Abdul Kadrov Magomed (Lovato on points)
Joao Rocha vs. AJ Agazarm
Romulo Barral vs. Vagner Rocha (Vagner Rocha on points)

Rodolfo Vieira vs Rafael Lovato (Vieira on points)
Joao Rocha vs. Vagner Rocha (Joao Rocha by points)

Joao Rocha vs Rodolfo Vieira via points (Rocha by points)


Claudio Calasans vs Joao Rocha

Claudio Calasans defeats Joao Rocha 0-0 (3-2 on penalties) to win the 2015 open weight gold medal. he will face team mate Andre Galvao in the 2017 ADCC superfight!

3rd place

Rodolfo Vieira vs Yuri Simoes (Rodolfo Vieira- Simoes injured)



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